Football Season Review

№10: B SAD

A competent season for a modest squad. Belenenses played according to their possibilities and proved to be a very consistent side, assuring safety earlier than perhaps most would have expected. Belenenses will surely be tipped as the most cynical team on the country, and perhaps deservedly, but, in all truth, that can only be a compliment to Petit’s realistic approach. And ‘Azuis’ were far from boring to watch, especially in the final third of the season. Aside from a hard period in December and January, Belenenses always seemed in control, and it was almost always granted that points were going to be arriving in consistent rhythm. Petit’s back-5 and old school counter-attack strategies worked well enough for them, especially when the opponents weren’t able to get the first goal on the match. Miguel Cardoso was a precious new signing, proving to be capable of winning games on his own. Brazilian Henrique led the defence very professionally, while “afonsos” (Taira and Sousa) provided skills to an otherwise muscle-oriented midfield with “Yaya” Sithole, Cafu Phete and sometimes Bruno Ramires. There are very few doubts on the fact that Belenenses will be again fighting for nothing else than an early safe place next season.

Player of the Season: Miguel Cardoso