Football Season Review

№16: Aalesund

Aalesund started the season with big ambitions for success after winning promotion handily and making some impressive new signings. However, things turned into a complete nightmare pretty much from the word go. There was a massive injury crisis early on for Lars Bohinen to deal with and he had to constantly change tactics and adjust, with the team unable to find a settled system and get going. They were playing some decent football here and there but there was a real lack of belief and ability to see out games, with opponents almost always scoring against the run of play or getting late goals against the Tangerines. All that turned into a viscous cycle pretty quickly and Aalesund soon found themselves anchored to the bottom of the table and looking hapless. They needed to wait ten games for their first win of the season and when it came, it hardly signalled the start of a strong run. Indeed, Bohinen was kept on for too long and only sacked at the halfway point of the season, when the team was already pretty much doomed. Lars Arne Nielsen came in as a new man to take charge and he had a pretty disastrous start too, with one point in his first seven games in charge. By that point, there was just a complete resignation in the squad and the players barely turned up. Thus, they finish the campaign with a mere 11 points altogether and need to start planning quickly for a return to the top flight as the shambles from this time will need some time to get sorted out, with Nielsen in need of a real overhaul of the squad to start afresh.

Player of the Season: Niklas Castro