Football Season Guide

AC Ajaccio


Clement Vidal (def)(HSC Montpellier, on loan); Oumar Gonzalez (def)(FC Chambly); Simon Elisor (att)(FC Sète, end of loan)


Quentin Lecoeuche (sp)(def)(FC Lorient, end of loan); Joris Sainati (sp)(def)(released); Tony Njiké (sp)(mid)(Cholet, on loan); Faiz Mattoir (sp)(mid)(Cholet, on loan); Lucas Marsella (gk)(FC Martigues); Jérémy Corinus (mid)(released); Abdoulaye Keita (sp)(mid)(Olympiacos, end of loan); Simon Elisor (att)(Villefranche Beaujolais, on loan)

The past season was a complicated one for Ajaccio, who had started off the campaign being considered serious candidates for promotion but soon had to eat humble pie following a disastrous beginning. Having reached a quiet salvation, they finished 13th in the end, the management saw no reasons for major changes over the summer and charismatic coach Pantaloni was thus confirmed at the helm for the 8th season in a row, his 13th with the Corsicans overall. At the very same time, the management also opted to make only minor alterations to a squad that had proved capable of very solid defending, especially in home soil, but had displayed the next-to-worst attack of the Ligue 2, having scored 34 goals only. No major players were thus let go yet with just Lecoeuche, a left-back/winger, and Sainati, a centre-back, quitting after playing second fiddles last campaign. Moreover, youngsters Mattoir and Njiké asked to be loaned out to Cholet, in the Championnat National, in order to acquire more playing time. Kalulu, their regular right-back whose contract is due to end by next June, could also be let go by the management, had to arrive an irresistible offer. In terms of new arrivals, Ajaccio limited themselves to hire two centre-backs, promising Vidal and, most remarkably, Gonzalez, who did very well in the recent past at Chamby. The latter could end up replacing Avinel, whose future with the club is also at stake, among the starters. Beside them, no major reinforcements arrived for the attack but more will be expected by promising Arconte or Bayala in that department. Ajaccio should thus rely on an XI pretty similar to the past season while no major arrivals should be expected in the next weeks in the midfield or the attack.


Coach Pantaloni can count on enough quality and experience all over the pitch and Ajaccio should be easily aiming for a top 10 finish. A push for promotion seems unlikely, though.