Football Season Guide

SC Bastia


Dylan Tavares (def)(Neuchatel Xamax); Migouel Alfarela (att)(Paris FC); Kevin Van Den Kerkhof (def)(F91 Dudelange); Abdoulaye Ndiaye (def)(Olympique Lyonnais B, on loan); Julien Fabri (gk)(free agent); Samuel Guibert (def)(Bastia-Borgo, end of loan);


Julien Le Cardinal (r)(def)(Paris FC); Samuel Guibert (def)(SO Cholet, on loan); Idriss Saadi (r)(att)(released); Adil Taoui (sp)(att)(released); Yohan Bocognano (r)(def)(released); Harrison Manzala (mid)(released); Yacouba Sylla (sp)(mid)(released); Chaouki Ben Saada (sp)(mid)(retired); Gary Coulibaly (mid)(retired); Alexandre Jourda (def)(released); Anthony Angelini (mid)(released); Nikolai Zolotov (def)(Kolos Kovalivka, end of loan); Julien Boyer (sp)(def)(Clermont FOOT, end of loan); Thomas Vincensini (r)(gk)(RE Virton);

At their first season back to the second tier of the French football after an arduous spell among the amateurs, Bastia managed to achieve a quiet salvation but could have actually gone for more, had they been capable of turning any of their eventual 16 draws into wins. Coach Régis Brouard, who took the reins of the team in September, after his predecessor's release, was duly confirmed at the helm, in consideration of the good work done. Especially at home, the Turchini often looked unbeatable and lost only twice all campaign. Relying on a limited budget, Bastia had to make at least one major sacrifice during the transfer market, with impressive centre-back Le Cardinal leaving for Paris for cash and the services of Alfarela, who is going to represent a valid alternative to Magri and Santelli (12 goals and 5 assists altogether) in the attack, especially since often-starting Saadi was let go. Several more players close – or very well in - to their 30s were also released: starting centre-back Bocognano and goalie Vincensini above all. The defender should be replaced by a prospect on loan from Olympique Lyonnais B side, Ndiaye, while a reliable Fabri, arriving as free agent, should be acting as back-up for Placide between the sticks. At left-back, Boyer, signed on loan to replace Quemper, who left the club midway through the past season, returned to his parent club. Tavares, coming from the lower tiers of the Swiss football, should be competing with Kaiboue and Schur for the post. On the other hand, Van Den Kerkhof should become a protagonist at right-back. In the midfield, good news is the permanence at the club of Ducrocq, whose loan from Lens was extended for one season, and Diongue's return from injury. The latter had begun the past campaign as a starter but then suffered a heavy injury. And, of course, Salles-Lamonge (8 assists) is expected to provide more creativity between the lines.


Bastia aim at a place in the top 10 but might have a too limited squad to be able to do so.