Football Season Review

№6: IFK Norrkoping

It was a story of two tales for Norrkoping this season as it started very well but it ended in a bad way leaving them out of European Competitions and finishing at the 6th place of Allsvenskan. Norrkoping were on top of the league since the end of July in the first 11 matches played. And then the team started to collapse. In the next 7 matches the team won only once and lost 5 times so in August Norrkoping ended with the less points amoing all the Allsvenskan teams this month (4 points comparing to 17 points of Malmo). From September and on the things improved a bit but still the damage was done and the team couldn't get to a title-range anymore as Malmo were well ahead. The good thing for them this season is that they have Nyman who ended up as the top goalscorer of the league scoring 18 goals in total. In general we could say that it was not a good season for Norrkoping and they must focus next season on maintaining their performance in the same level throught the whole season and not only for a partion of the season.

Player of the Season: Christoffer Nyman