Football Season Guide

Varberg BoIS


Jakob Lindahl (def), Sylvia, Albin Mörfelt (mid), IK Frej, Philip Mårtensson (gk), Landskrona, Simon Karlsson Adjei (att), Assyriska, Montader Madjed (att), Öster, Nils Bertilsson (def), Tvååker, Sebastian Möller (def), Ljungskile, Victor Karlsson (mid), Onsala, Oliver Stanisic (def), Örgryte, Robin Simovic (att), Odd, Jean Carlos de Brito (def), Hammarby, Dean Solomons (Ajax, def), Ryan Moon (att), Stellenbosch FC


Astrit Selmani (att), Hammarby, Hampus Danielsson (def), Ullareds IK, Albin Svensson (gk), Umeå, Axel Pettersson (mid), Oddevold, Alibek Aliev (att), Trollhättan, Robin Book (mid), Örebro, Junes Barny (att), Paralimniou, Sebastian Nanasi (att), Malmö FF, Albert Ejupi (mid), Jesper Modig (def), Trelleborg, Sebastian Möller (def), Philip Ljung (def), Torns, Monday Samuel (mid), Erion Sadiku (mid), Genoa, Gustaf Norlin (mid), IFK Göteborg, Alexander Johansson (att), Brage, Rasmus Cronvall (att) loan, Tvååker

Varberg Bois easily achieved their target to remain in Allsvenskan last season by gaining 37 points. In the pre-season they played 11 matches in which they lost only twice despite they had many chances in the roster of their squad. The leader of the team Astrit Selmani is not around anymore as he was transferred to Hammarby. His role in scoring and leading must be taken by new addition Robin Simovic. It will be very difficult of course to replace the 15 goals and 6 assists Selmani had last season Coach Persson remained with the team and that's a big advantage as he knows the team better than anyone else and can provide calmness and stability to the team.


For one more season Varberg will have as a target to remain in Allsvenskan, that is to gain around 34 points that should be enough to avoid relegation issues.