Football Season Guide

Belenenses SAD


Pedro Nuno (mid) Moreirense; Sandro (def/mid) Free Agent; Luiz Felipe (gk) Aimoré, BRA; Rafa Santos (mid) Oriental; Trova Boni (def) Mechelen, BEL; Lukovic (mid) Famalicão


Stanislav Kritciuk (r)(gk) Gil Vicente; Tiago Esgaio (r)(def/mid) SC Braga; Rúben Lima (r)(def) Famalicão; André Moreira (sp)(gk) Grasshoppers, SWI; Miguel Cardoso (k)(att) Dynamo Moskva, RUS - return from loan; Robinho (sp)(att) Penafiel, Gonçalo Silva (r)(def) Radomiak Radom, POL; Guilherme Oliveira (sp)(gk) Torreense; Dieguinho (sp)(att) CD Mafra, Luís Silva (sp)(def) ENP, CYP; Chano Boukholda (sp)(mid) CD Mafra; Silvestre Varela (r)(att) FC Porto B;

A regular performance, last season, for Petit's men. Belenenses were very consistent and realistic in every game. 'Azuis' were always very tight in defence and attacked very directly. Point by point, Belenenses was able to hold on to safety relatively early. Belenenses Sad seems a weaker side, this season. Key attacking men Miguel Cardoso and Silvestre Varela, captain and defensive leader Gonçalo Silva, the hard-working and versatile Tiago Esgaio, the experienced Rúben Lima and both goalkeepers Kritciuk and Moreira are all gone. Pedro Nuno is a skilled attacking midfielder, Sandro is a former Brazilian international and Lukovic is technically very gifted, but all come from poor seasons in their former clubs and their current form is questionable. Luiz Felipe is the man for the goal, but showed insecurity during pre-season. Trova Boni is an unknown pick from Belgium league. The good news at the back are the return from injuries of Calila, Nilton and, most importantly, Tomás Ribeiro. In midfield, Afonso Taira, Afonso Sousa and now Lukovic are the technique-oriented options, even if Petit frequently prefers the physical approach of Cafu Phete and Yaya Sithole. Mateo Cassierra will be the undisputed reference in attack, now with less pace and more technique in support, as Pedro Nuno is a completely different player from Cardoso and Varela. Ndour is an agitator, but still looks very naive. Chico Teixeira is expected to have a more important role. Petit is expected to keep his 5-2-3/5-3-2 system and his highly pragmatic and direct style. There's an undeniable need to new quality players to arrive as soon as possible, namely for the goalkeeper position.


Belenenses may struggle this year and be involved in relegation race until late.